Clash Royale – Review

Clash Royale is Supercell’s follow up to the wildly popular Clash of Clans, and their fourth game on the Apple and Play store. For those of you expecting a sequel to Clash of Clans, you are in for quite a surprise. In an admirable move, Supercell is not resting on their laurels with a sequel (though they totally could and would still make ALL the moneies) but instead created a hybrid MOBA / card s...[Read More]

Mobile Strike Review

Mobile Strike is the same free-to-play game you’ve encountered a million times before, only far, far worse. It’s an utterly shameless cash grab, and even for this often ethically ambiguous business model stands out as a particularly egregious example of the downside of mobile gaming. I know the commercials are high budget and intriguing, and though Arnold Schwarzenegger would appear to lend the fr...[Read More]

Clash of Kings Review

Clash of Kings is similar to many other games of this type, but a few things make it better than the rest. The gameplay is familiar to most of you at this point: you collect resources, train troops, upgrade your characters and buildings to unlock more powerful attack and defense, and attack and defend against other players. It really is fun to play, and is better made than its closest Pay-to-Play ...[Read More]

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