Is Windows Mobile Dead?

Is Windows Mobile Dead?

After their announcement of Windows 10, people believed that a unified platform would bring Windows Mobile out of last place in the smart phone race. Imagine developing software for a Windows 10 desktop computer and being able to port that code to any device, mobile or otherwise. Sounds like a developer’s dream right? Maybe enough to bring Windows Mobile out of relative obscurity.

That hasn’t happened. According to these numbers, Microsoft had 2.9 percent market share in the U.S. for the fourth quarter last year. In addition, Microsoft reported significant decline in adoption in its fourth quarter earnings declaration.

The problem is not Windows 10. The OS has been adopted by 270 million devices according to this report. So why hasn’t this seen an increase in Windows Mobile?

It seems the tech behemoth has been going in the other direction, opening its platform to Android and iOS, not the move one would expect from a business trying to build out a unique mobile platform.

So has Microsoft given up entirely? Their in house platform seems all but abandoned, and they are moving forward with different concepts such as bot development and Xbox One. Perhaps the plan is to create software that becomes integral to other mobile platforms instead of continuing development on their own.

Imagine an iPhone that ships with Cortana. Is that Microsoft’s game plan?

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