Month: April 2016

Console Gamers Are Playing More Mobile Games

Marketing firm Nielsen is mostly famous for their television rating system, but data recently published by the company shows that console gamers are playing more mobile games than they ever have before. The big difference is, they aren’t spending nearly as much money as their mobile focused counterparts on those games. The research found that mobile gaming occupies up to a third of console gamer’s...[Read More]

HTC 10 Specs and Rumors

The HTC 10 is being heavily hyped by HTC…and for good reason. It sounds like it’s combining some of the best features of its competitors into what could be a really great phone. Here’s what we know so far- Release date: April 12th, with a press conference in London and New York. Specs: The phone still has a metal body, but is adding a home button that no doubt has a fingerprint s...[Read More]

Is Windows Mobile Dead?

After their announcement of Windows 10, people believed that a unified platform would bring Windows Mobile out of last place in the smart phone race. Imagine developing software for a Windows 10 desktop computer and being able to port that code to any device, mobile or otherwise. Sounds like a developer’s dream right? Maybe enough to bring Windows Mobile out of relative obscurity. That hasn’t happ...[Read More]

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