New LG G5 Phone Screen is “Always On”

New LG G5 Phone Screen is “Always On”

What does the LG G5 have in common with a meth addict? They never sleep. 0_0

The new flagship phone is going to have a display that keeps date, time, and four notifications of your choosing always dimly lit even when the phone screen is off according to LG’s Facebook.

The big question here is battery life, and how will it be impacted? If the LG G5 rocks an OLED display, the power drain could be manageable, but LG up until now has been using IPS LCDs.

This isn’t LG’s first foray into constantly illuminated displays; you may recall the LG V10 had a bar that always showed the time and date. Unlike some competitors that use motion sensing technology to activate the phone as the user comes near (like Motorola’s Moto Display), LG is going up straight up gangster by just keeping it on all the time.

I've always felt like their logo was a creepy guy winking at me ;(

I’ve always felt like their logo was a creepy guy winking at me ;(

If they do manage to pull this off without severely diminishing battery life, it could be a game changer.

What do you guys think? Would this keep you up at night if (like me) you sleep with your phone right next to you? Do you think Samsung will adopt this feature for the S7?

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