Apple Apps on the Android Store?


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently hinted that more Apple apps might be coming from iOS 9 to the Android store according to 9to5Mac.

This isn’t unprecedented, as Apple currently has three Apps available to Android users, including Apple Music, the Move to iOS transfer app and Beats Pill+. Google, on the other hand, has 62 apps in the Apple app store.

I’ve often wondered why they haven’t done this sooner, as Apple could make a great deal more money (if you can imagine such a thing) by selling software to competitors instead of relying only on hardware sales. Of course their business model is containing the user within the Apple ecosystem, but there’s no reason they couldn’t do both.

The question is, what apps are they thinking of experimenting with? Apple Pay seems like a no brainer, though Google has a competitor so that might not make the cut. iMessage would be great for Android users, that messaging ecosystem seems to be better than any Android alternative.

What Apple apps would you guys like to see on the Android store?


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