Month: January 2016

Iphone 5se is Shipping with the A9 Chip

The industry was under the impression the iPhone 5se, the four-inch screen alternative to the iPhone 6, would come with an A8 processor. Turns out we were wrong. It’s coming with the significantly more powerful A9. As reported by 9to5Mac there are prototypes that carry the older chips, but for the global release it’s A9 all the way. Most sources agree that the new device lineup will be announced a...[Read More]

The iPhone 5se: What You Need to Know

The iPhone 5se will have a 4 inch screen, for those who didn’t care for the size of the 6 and the 6 Plus. It will keep most of the upgrades from the newer models, including an A8 processor, an 8 megapixel rear camera, and a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera according to 9to5Mac. This is unconfirmed, but rumors have it that it might also have 802.11ac WiFi, Live Photos, Bluetooth 4.2, voice over LT...[Read More]

Google Play Expanded More, Made Less Money Than the App Store

The numbers are in. The Google Play Store had 100% more downloads than the Apple App Store, yet the App Store made 75% more cash in 2015. While the numbers do seem incongruous at first, it’s important to remember that Apple users tend to be more affluent, and while the Google Play store has many of the same apps, users my be less likely to actually spend money. As reported by App Annie, whil...[Read More]

Apple Received $1 Billion in 2014 to Keep Google the Default Search Engine for iOS

Google was paying Apple huge amounts of cash to keep its search engine on iOS phones and tablets. A court transcript acquired by Bloomberg, from Oracle’s copyright claim against Google, uncovers that Google paid out $1 billion to corporate rival Apple in 2014. Apple gets to keep a percentage of the revenue Google gets from searches made on iOS. This large deal between the mobile device rival...[Read More]

Samsung and Qualcomm Working Together on a New Chip

Samsung announced a few days ago that it will be teaming up with rival chip producer Qualcomm to make the new processers for their upcoming handsets. Samsung revealed that they have entered a deal with chip maker Qualcomm to use its second-gen 14nm FinFET process technology to mass-produce Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820. The chip’s last version, the 810, contained the fastest processor in the Sna...[Read More]

Turning Your TV Into a Tablet for $200

Ever wish you could turn your TV into a touchscreen? Well now you can…sort of. If you have $200. Touchjet Wave projects the Android operating system onto your television, allowing you to use your screen like an Android tablet. It follows your fingers with a camera (think Kinect) and tracks when you press the screen. There is a bit of delay as can be expected, but it is an interesting concept...[Read More]

WhatsApp Virus: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Device Safe

Some of you may have noticed strange emails from Whatsapp or Facebook telling you that there are messages waiting for you. Don’t click through! It’s potentially a virus, and a nasty one. Hackers create these emails in the hope that the brand recognition will imply legitimacy. If you do click through, a virus can potentially hijack your phone and wreak havoc with your personal data. None of the ema...[Read More]

Galaxy S7 – What We Know So Far

The Galaxy S7 could prove to be a gamechanger. The S6, while a competent phone by most standards, was widely criticized for its lack of expandable storage and lack of a removable battery. Many cried foul of Samsung, accusing them of trying to mimic Apple’s iPhone, and that drove many customers to competing brands like LG or HTC. The Galaxy S7 stands poised to potentially bring those customers back...[Read More]

Astounding Apple App Store Numbers for 2015

The amount of money being spent in the Apple app store is crazy. On January 1st 2016 alone, customers spent $144 million according to Apple. Over the holidays customers spent around $1.1 billion USD on apps and in app purchases. In 2015, consumers spent more than $20 billion. Billion. Damn. The numbers do seem crazy high, but given the seemingly constant iPhone sales, it’s really not all that surp...[Read More]

Final Fantasy IX Coming to Mobile?

Square Enix announced yesterday that Final Fantasy XI will be released on mobile platforms in Japan. Final Fantasy XI was well reviewed when released on the original Playstation in 2000, and was the last of the JRPG franchise to be released on the platform. Square-Enix plans to release the title on iOS, Android, and PC, but will they be releasing it stateside? They have yet to say; but judging by ...[Read More]

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